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2018 new years resolutions can be completed this year with this tip.


As the clock strikes midnight and everyone celebrates, I can’t help but feel lost in thought. Instead of thinking about the promise of the new year, I’m reflecting on the previous one. This time last year all the goals were written down and there was so much hope that they would be filled and accomplished.

Not knowing it then, discipline was not attached to any of those ambitions. The drive, dedication, and motivation were there. However, discipline was not invited to the party. Considering the coming year, I know to set goals that are achievable and almost easy to accomplish. Instead of thinking about what new things I want to achieve, the unchecked goals of the past year will be my focus.

In an attempt to force myself to develop discipline, I need to finish those goals. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a creative introvert or as Marie Forleo would say a “multi-passionate” individual, but I have problems finishing things. I have such big dreams I try and take small steps up the ladder of each of them. The problem is, you can only climb one ladder at a time. If you’re really talented you might be able to straddle two of them and waddle your way up both. But even then, you’re stretching yourself and your pants thin.

NO MORE! This year, I’m done stretching my legs and falling off these ladders. I mean, a girl can only fall down so many times before she realizes she’s doing something wrong. It’s hard to keep your eyes on your own lane and focus on only what you’re doing. We get so easily distracted by the successful people around us. We may think, I want the success she has, so I think I’m going to write a book or start a podcast because that worked for her. But that may not be what works best for us.

2018 new years resolutions can be completed this year with this tip.

Creating something new is scary. Being an innovator is like walking a lonely trail, you really don’t know if someone will join you on your path. Will people accept what you put out there? Will they hate it? Like it? What if they love it? What if they want more?

Success is what we aim for, but oftentimes it is the scariest thing of all. We want to be successful, but then we become frightened by having to consistently deliver the package. Discipline and consistency are the two attributes I believe contribute the most to success.

It is the mundane tasks we do every day that lead to the big wins. Each productive workday is like climbing another rung. One rung on the ladder leads to one step closer to your goal or dream.  Each day we spend on social media putting off the real work, is another day you’ll have to wait to see your dream fulfilled. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty darn sick of waiting for my dreams to come true.

My Christmas present to myself was giving my office a makeover. I wanted a space in my home that felt grown up. I wanted a place to make me feel motivated to work and create beautiful things. Next, to my desk I made a sign that says:

“A dream written down with a date becomes a Goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams REALITY.” — Greg Reid

If that doesn’t make you want to take action, I don’t know what will. Our goals, desires, and dreams are only as far away as we make them. My prayer for you and I is that we make 2018 the year we take action and make those dreams real!


Comment Below: What is ONE step you can take TODAY to climb the ladder of your dreams in 2018?

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