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Monthly Baby Photos

Below is a slideshow showing the age progression of my son from 1 month old until 1 year (12 Months). Babies grow so fast and I thought it would be neat to see him grow through the months. What amazes me most is the newborn photo next to the one year photo. What a joy it is to watch them grow!

To make these I just photographed him in the same chair with the same stuffed animal to show how big he grew while the bear remained the same. You can use the arrows below the photos to move between the slides. Did you do monthly photos with your baby? If so I would love to hear how you did yours in the comments.

One photo every month captured little differences in her newborn. After 12 months those photos show just how much he was growing! From 1 month old to one year, this age progression is too cute! #babyphotography #ageprogression #babytotoddler from -




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