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Be Present Mama! A Thought About Screen Time

A short thought about screen adictions in our lives. Parenting is hard enough but are we focusing on our kids and setting a good example?

Sometimes it’s hard to see how our habits affect those around us. Especially our kids. Sometimes we need to wear their shoes and see ourselves with their eyes. Today I want to talk about screen time, and I’m not talking about the kids. We as adults need to think about just how much screen time we are allotting ourselves. We all look at our phone, and there’s nothing wrong with that as long as there is a limit. You have to have limits so you don’t lose track of time.

We set boundaries for our kids when it comes to the television (or at least we should) but what about ourselves? The question we need to ask ourselves about apps and social media is…what value is it adding to your life? When you get to the end of your life, will your social media followers be there to comfort you? Will you talk about the memories you shared? Will your kids remember all the fun you had together? Or will they remember your eyes glued to your phone, when all they wanted was your attention?

Another BIG thought is what if your kids aren’t there? Because you didn’t invest your time into them they realized they were not worth your time. Think about it. Where we invest our time is what we care about most. Don’t let social media and screens distract you from the now. Every wise old person will tell you how fast it all goes. Be present and show your CHILD they are WORTHY of your time.

How do you try to limit screen time and make time for your child each day?

I would love to hear any comments you have about this post below.

How do you feel when your kids ignore you while watching tv? Now how do you think they feel when you ignore them while on your phone? Read this post about setting screen time boundaries for yourself, and making time for the most important people in your life!


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