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Top Ten Gifts Toddler Boys Will Actually Play With!

  Somehow having two toddlers has led to my house being over run with toys. Seriously I have about every type of toy you could think of. Yes I am grateful my boys have grandparents and aunties who love to buy them gifts. However all of these toys don't always get played with. My toddlers are 1 and 2 years old so this gift list is fit for those in that age category. So here is a list of toys…

How To Make A Easy Gingerbread House With Kids

Gingerbread houses are adorable, sweet and make a fun edible Christmas decoration. However the house itself can be hard to make when you don't really know what proportions to make the wall pieces. I found a way to make a perfect gingerbread house every time. If you know me then you know I love going to Hobby Lobby for Christmas shopping. They have a great variety of things for every type of Christmas color combo you could think of. While…

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