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Teens hold a special place in my heart. My husband is the youth pastor at our church and we love working with the youth there. We try to make our Sunday school room feel inviting and fun. When my husband became the youth pastor, the current teen room had a cool argyle pattern with brown and blue paint. I loved the way it looked, but because our room was on the smaller side, I felt if we brightened up the…

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FREE “Spring Is Here” Printable Art

Are you excited for SPRING? I sure am. Have you ever realized it's harder to get things done in the winter compared to when the weather is warmer? I know its technically not spring yet...but I still think it's close enough to give away a "Spring is Here" Printable. It'll be here soon enough and I can't wait to see all the pretty flowers and see all the gorgeous porch and entry decorations. This printable will fit nicely in a…

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How To Make A Gorgeous Gallery Wall

Supplies Needed For This Gallery Wall Project: Level Nails Tape Hammer Frames / Artwork Paper (Wrapping or News) After we moved into our new house, the walls scared me so much I left them blank for months. In the beginning we installed a chair rail on all the walls, but then I stopped and couldn't decide to hang up a single piece of artwork. To get over my fear of committing to decorating those huge blank walls, I needed a…

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$3 Laundry Room Scripture Sign

When we decided to make over our laundry room, I knew I wanted to add some kind of art or quote to decorate the space. Goodwill has 50% off the entire store every other Saturday, and I always find project items I know I can fix up or do something with. This double paned glass frame was one of those things I bought but didn't know at the time what it would be used for. To create the vinyl decal…

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